Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine and the team!

One of the things about I love about photographing weddings besides my wonderful clients is my amazing team. I get to work with Susi Brister, my associate photographer, who on this very night is having an opening in one of Montreal's top art galleries! Courtney McCullough is hands down "the master of details," with her tripod in tow and a quietly determined look on her face. Nick Enghardt is there shooting, lugging, running, and always with a smile and a decent looking necktie. Anne Butler was just accepted into the Master's Program at UT Austin for nursing and will be fulfilling her dream of doing critical care work for Doctors without Borders and here, locally.

One of Anne's photos from a stunning wedding we did last May at Barton Creek Country Club, with Clink Events, was featured in the Winter issue of Martha Stewart Weddings magazine. I always love Anne's first dance images, (image is bottom left on the page) and this one was no exception. She also got published on the same page as photographer Daniel Milnor ( who is one of our favorites!

This has ended up being a little love note to the team, for all the blog reading world to see. Thanks guys! I couldn't do it without you, and wouldn't want to! And here's to next weekend...